A thief at work making some real mass at someone’s house. He is not stealing just stuff from the house , he is stealing the concept of “Home” . It will take some long time till this resident get back to sense of privacy, security and ownership at his own casa.

We hope you’ll never have this at your home… but in case you will, we hope the damage will be minimal and bastard is caught and brought to justice.


Original video post :https://www.facebook.com/pshpeshukshuk/videos/1219132841438796/

Statistically 4% of the homes are broken into every year. Homes with no security systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into,
A security alarm system with independent battery is considered the most effective measure to fight home burglaries , and these days it’s so easy to set up a security system .

We believe Home Security is a right, not a privilege. That’s why Salient Eye is available for free on Google Play Store.
When Salient Eye was established we set the goal to take down the numbers and costs of home intrusions world wide. Please help us by helping yourself and set up some security measure at your home. Even if you turn to any of our competitors that’s also great and will help us fulfill that global goal.

Please share and tag anyone you think may need home security a wake up.





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  • Home security market is going to double to 30 million households, within a year. Demo Cameras can be installed but with good back up. Not only smart devices, people should also include timely update in their home security list. Timely maintenance of doors and windows, trimming of branches near windows, having good relations with your neighbors, change of passwords, using unusual lengthy passwords and changing devices in time, will help to avoid certain unhappy things.

    Home Security
  • My house is being broken into management and neighbors i need proof so it can bust them

    Lori douglas

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