You’ve probably already heard everything you need to know about home security protocol. The real question is whether you consistently follow [or don’t follow] these measures. Here are some things you can do to burglar-proof your home.

  • Lock up. Make sure all doors are locked and windows closed when you leave the house
  • Light up. Leave your porch light on or set on a timer when you leave for extended periods of time.
  • Don’t leave invitations. Do not leave notes for servicemen or family on your door, as these could alert potential burglars of your absence.
  • Ask for credentials. Many burglars pose as salesmen or servicemen to gain access to homes. When a stranger asks to enter, ask for his credentials before you let him into your home.
  • Dogs. They’re not for everyone, but dogs are a great deterrent to burglars. Even if they are not trained guard dogs, the fear of a barking dog during a stealthy robbery is enough to deter many potential burglars.
  • Know your neighbors. If you have good relationships with your neighbors, they are more likely to look out for anything out of the ordinary while you are away.
  • Light your yard. A well lit yard will make it difficult for a burglar to approach your house unseen.
  • Get the papers. If you leave your home for an extended period, ask a neighbor or friend to collect the newspaper that pile up in front of your home. 
  • Identify your weak spot. Examine your home and think about which entryways are most vulnerable to an intruder. If it’s a weak door, install a deadbolt lock. If you were a burglar, where would you enter? Find the weak spots, and make them stronger.
  • Send a message. Even if you don’t have a dog or an alarm system, place signs in front of your home that say you do. The burglar can only go by what he sees, and these may be enough to deter him from your home.
  • Use an alarm system. In the case that an intruder does enter your home, an alarm system will alert you so you don’t have a surprise encounter with a burglar like this woman.

You may think that because you follow most of these precautionary measures, there is no need for you to install a burglary alarm system. However, many people who use alarm systems felt the same way until they themselves fell victim to home burglaries. The decision to install an alarm system used to be a difficult one, but Salient Eye makes it easy.

Protect your home now, so that you won’t feel forced to later. Download Salient Eye for free from Google Play.