1. There is no such thing as a “battery virus”. It’s an ad that’s trying to convince you to install spy-ware or some junk application on your phone. Just ignore it.

  2. If you own a Galaxy 6 or up – Samsung have published an add-on for their (great) browser, that can block ads. Adblock Fast – look it up.

    You don't have a virus

    You don’t have a virus – it’s a scam that will make you install a trojan/maleware app . Just close the message and don’t install anything.

  3. There’s no need for an anti-virus. It does nothing, except pop up its own ads. There are no viruses for android, because no app has permission to change your system. If you downloaded an app that you think is causing you trouble – just delete it.

  4. If you’re still considering installing a mobile security app, use one with a known name and brand, don’t trust reviews only .

  5. When downloading an app, pay attention to what it asks you to allow it. If you let an application copy all of your pictures and send them to itself, not even the most advanced antivirus will be able to stop it. If it looks suspicious – just don’t download the app. Even more importantly, never download an app outside of the official app store. Hackers often plant their own codes in those.

  6. There’s no more need for storage-management or battery- management applications. This was true for Android V2.0. Since then, Google have learned how to manage their own memory. Shutting down apps will often just cause them to re-start, slowing your device down and wasting more of your battery. There’s a saying regarding androids – “free memory is wasted memory.” The fuller your memory is – the faster your device will be. There’s really no point in downloading those management apps.


  7. Before you buy a smartphone online, make sure, before anything else, that it supports the cellular network frequencies that you need. Different countries use different frequencies, and not all devices are compatible with all of those.


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