How to use Salient Eye?

  1. Select the alerts you want using the small buttons(sms,sound,email). long press the buttons for setting up the recipient’s address.
  2. Press the big button
  3. If not set yet, you will be asked to set a pass code.
  4. Place the device with the camera facing the area you wish to protect (usually an entryway or a big hall).
  5. That’s it! Your Salient alarm is ready and set. Leave the area and the eye will arm within a few seconds and will alert you on movements in front of the camera.
  6. To disarm the eye, press the back key and enter your pass code.
You can send us questions via the feedback form, or on our website We will do our best to help

Do I need to leave my phone at home?

The app can be installed on your primary device and set when you go to sleep.
The other option is to install the app on your old or unused smartphone (the app even works on android 2.2) , allowing you to leave it at home all time.

Can I use it on my android tablet ?

Yes, as long as the device has a camera.

What about the iPhone version?

iOS is on our road-map.

Do I need a SIM?

No. While we recommend a SIM to optimize your security protection, you will receive the alerts without one as long as your device is connected to Wifi.

Must I have a Wifi?

No… but we must have a internet access if you wish to receive e-mail alerts and photos.

Why use my smartphone? Why can't I use the web cam on my computer?

You can. But you haven’t! Probably because its a bit complicated . Maybe because its a bit limited.
A smartphone is mobile and simple to set and position. It has wireless and cellular data connection to send alerts, battery in case your electricity is shut off, SMS sending capabilities, and above all  – with Salient Eye it is very easy to set and use.

Won't my device heat up?

Some devices may heat up when using the camera for a long time. When you use Salient Eye, remove any phone covers and place it in a cool, shaded position. If you take these precautions and the phone still overheats, do not use Salient Eye on that device. Over heating may damage the device and on rare occasions may cause a fire.

Won't it drain my battery?

Salient eye can last running for up to 10 hours with no power connection. The app can work when the screen is automatically turned off to reduce the battery use. However, we suggest using Salient Eye while it is connected to the power outlet. You can set notifications for power disconnection or low battery.

Where should I place the phone?

We suggest you place the device with the camera facing the area you wish to protect. Usually that would be an entry way, a main hallway or a weakly protected entry. If you have a pet, face the camera a higher to prevent the pet’s movements from triggering the alarm.

But that won't cover my entire house...

If you have enough devices, you can cover your entire house with Salient Eyes. Each one will work separately.
If you have a large house with lots of valuables in it, you should consider installing a high-end full security system. Salient Eye is a free solution for those who can’t or won’t use costly security measures.

I am not getting SMS notification

Please check to make sure the number you supplied is correct, and use the test button to ensure you receive the verification massage. If it still doesn’t work please contact us.

I am not getting email notifications

Please check the email address you supplied. Make sure its correct. Use the test button and check that you receive the verification mail. Check your spam/junk/bulk folder. If you find the messages there, you need to “white list” (mark as not spam) our sender address. If you have a mail system administrator, check with him to ensure your mail server is not blocking our mails. If it still doesn’t work please contact us.

The Event page is not created / Alarm emails are not sent

It is possible that your device disconnects from the WiFi when the device goes to sleep (Salient Eye continues to function while your device is asleep in order to save energy). To fix that, go to device settings, “Network settings”->”Wifi settings”, click the menu button and select “Advanced”. Then, set “keep wifi on during sleep” to Always (for Android  version 4.0+), or set “WLAN sleep policy” to Never (for Android versions before 4.0).

I just caught an intruder with Salient Eye

If you receive an Event page , open it and check the photos. It is up to you to decide what to do next. You may call the police, try calling the house, or call your family or neighbors. If you decide to enter the house, be careful!
We hope everything turns out for the best. Please contact us and tell us your story. We will be happy to hear it.

How long will the photos be available online

The Event pages should be available to you for at least a month. If you wish to ensure your event photos are available for longer time please contact us.

I want to delete the photos from the online page

The photos are yours and yours alone, if you don’t share it, no one but you has the link to it. You can delete photos at the event link with the password you received on the email or sms.

I want to view/delete the photos on that were saved on the salient eye device

The photos are stored on the Salient Eye folder on your device . just open it with any file manager app to view the photos and/or delete them.

How do I use the remote control?

With “SalientEye Remote Control” app you can start and stop the Salient Eye without touching the camera device it runs on.
Just enable the remote control on camera device , install Salient Eye Remote Control on another device, and login with same salient eye user and that’s it.
You can leave a device with Salient Eye security system installed at the position you want, connected to charger and no longer touch it. Then Just do the start/stop with “SalientEye Remote Control” from your primary device.

The trial time was over too fast

you can get extra 7 days of free trial if you buy the yearly subscription. You can cancel the subscription within 7 days and you will not be charged  (no questions asked).

I dont have a cellular account but I want to receive a message. can I get messages via whatsup/google/other service

Sorry we don’t do that. You can sign up and use the new remote control app on your primary phone that will get push notifications on events.