[Update 3/1 : Amazon reported the problem was fixed ]

We have found out today that Microsoft mail services block Salient Eye’s outgoing E-mails since yesterday. If you’re E-mail service is on Microsoft (hotmail / live / msn / outlook365 ) than you probably don’t get the E-mails from your Salient Eye .
If you are experiencing such an issue , we first of all apologize.  Secondly we would like to ask for your patience.
This is actually not an issue with Salient Eye E-mails specifically. Apparently Microsoft mail servers started blocking all E-mails from amazon’s E-mail services (SES) which we use. This means not only Salient Eye’s E-mails are blocked. Millions of E-mails from legitimate services which use Amazon SES are now now blocked on Microsoft’s email service.



Looks like it’s some automatic block by Microsoft E-mail service , but still this goes on for more than a day now and it’s impact is crucial especially for a products and services like Salient Eye where this is so important.

We contacted Amazon , and they say are working directly with Microsoft to fix this issue. Hopefully this is just a technical bump that will be fixed fast. If this will not be fixed in couple of days we may be forced to switch the E-mail service provider – hopefully it will not come to that.

Update : Amazon reported the issue is fixed 🙂


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  • Is there a subscription fee after one week trial?

    Beth Tarcher

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