They say that “power is nothing without control”, and that’s exactly what we are here for: to
give you more control on your home security.After weeks/months of work: coding, checking, testing, re-coding and re-testing the Remote
Control by Salient Eye app is finally ready!


It was an improvement many in the Salient Eye community were asking and waiting for, a
complementary  service  that  strongly  improves  the  experience  by  making  it  much
smoother and user-friendly. From now on, you can activate/deactivate Salient Eye at
any moment using the Remote Control app on your primary phone! Nice isn’t it?For easy access, go to or scan the QR Code below.


But before we congratulate ourselves too much, let’s see what’s in this new addition first. The
Remote Control app requires buying a subscription plan (The price varies by currency but we try to keep it affordable to anyone).

The Remote Control app comes as a separate complementary app, which can be found on
Google Play. Once it has been installed on the primary phone (the one you carry around with
you), you just have to register (Figure 1), select the pricing plan and connect the device you
use as a camera at home (Figure 2). When the device appears listed, by simply clicking on it
you can choose between activating/deactivating it or to take a picture (Figures 3, 4). This will
allow you to turn on the camera if you forgot to do so when you left home, or to deactivate it
before entering the door and triggering the alarm.


Let’s not forget that home security is a big problem in many parts of the world, both in
the  “first  world”  and  “developing  world”  countries.  Even  in  the  US  in  fact,  homes  without
security systems (around 80% of the total) are three times more likely to be broken into, a
home intrusion is committed every 13 seconds and police clear 13% of all reported burglaries
due to lack of witnesses/physical evidence, for an average offense of $2,000.That’s exactly what we are here for, since we believe that home security should be a right,
not a privilege of those who can afford it. With costs starting from around 100/150$ for
DIY solutions, or full home alarm systems ranging from $500/600 to thousands of dollars,
Salient Eye offers a powerful but affordable solution for everyone.

The feedback so far has been great (4.4/5 on Google Play) and we are happy to introduce
this new option for our growing community. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about
it and are already working on other improvements in our road map.

So, well, stay tuned and stay safe friends!



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  • do i use a new password i dont remember signing up with one

  • You need to create a new salient eye user

  • Thank you for your time and help I have been afraid to leave my home do to the fact I have pets and I would be worried that someone could harm them and now when I get this system set up I will so much better thank you very much

    Tina and Deryl Harralson
  • How is the remote operated by sms or……dial…….

  • I’m using 2 old Android phones for cameras but my main phone is an iPhone. I just paid $1.99 for the app but need the remote via my iphone. Any chance you’ll get that app for iphone soon?


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